Augmented Urbans | Augmented Urbans at EU Design Days 2018
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Augmented Urbans at EU Design Days 2018

Augmented Urbans at EU Design Days 2018

Event Details

Augmented Urbans will be presented EU Design Days 2018 themed ‘Design & Digitalisation’ in Brussels on Nov 14th.

“Design Days breaks borders between different sectors and provides opportunities to meet and network with people you probably would not meet at other design conferences. The event creates a unique platform where designers from private enterprises meet representatives from local/regional authorities and the European Institutions, public entities working with design and universities educating tomorrow’s designers and creative minds. Design Days is the only European design event that recognizes the important role that regions play in creating favourable working conditions for design across sectors.”

ERRIN working group in Design & Creativity

More information about the event and registration at the EU Design Days site.

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