Augmented Urbans | Tallinn
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High-voltage power line corridor in Northern Tallinn, Estonia


City of Tallinn, Tallinn University

Local theme

Implementing temporary uses and activating unused urban areas



The Augmented Urbans pilot case in Tallinn is the co-operation project between the University of Tallinn and the City of Tallinn. It deals with the transformations & change in urban areas: the high-voltage (110 kV) power line air-cabel network corridor will be substituted with underground cabels. The essential urban areas and landscapes will be released for other, new and alterable purposes.

The Tallinn local action focuses on implementing temporary uses, area activation models and creating early visualisations of the plans. One goal of the project is to implement the public-private-people partnership model (4P- model) developed within the Baltic Urban Lab Project. There is also aspiration to enhance the quality of previously developed involvement tool AvaLinn app.

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